Please note that only those who have registered for a service may attend. This is a condition of our Covid-19 Safety Plan which has been registered with the NSW Government.

Registration forms for Shabbat services are sent to members each week by email and SMS. If you are not receiving them, please contact the office on 94163710.

Shabbat and Pesach services 25 March - 4 April 2021

Thursday 25 March 2021
Fast of the First Born - Shacharit and Siyum 6.40am.

Friday 26 March 2021

Family Night -  Family Friendly Service 6.00pm
followed by Children's Service with our madrichim.

Pre-Pesach Shabbat Dinner and activities.


Saturday 27 March 2021
Shabbat. Parasha Tzav - Shacharit 7.30am
Final time to eat Chametz 11.00am.
Mincha and Ma'ariv 6.30pm
Candle lighting after 7.40pm.
Seder to start after 7.40pm
Sunday 28 March 2021 First Day Pesach
Shacharit 9.15am
Children's Service 10.30am
“Escaping Pharaoh’s Palace 2021” an interactive experience for children.
Mincha Ma'ariv 6.30pm.
Monday 29 March 2021 Second Day Pesach
Shacharit 9.15am
Yom Tov ends 7.33pm
Thursday 1 April 2021
Shacharit 6.30am


Friday night 2 April 2021 Seventh Night Pesach
Mincha Ma'ariv 6.30pm


Saturday 3 April 2021 Shabbat and Seventh Day Pesach
Shacharit  9.15 am
Mincha Ma'ariv 6.30pm


Sunday 4 April 2021 Eighth Day Pesach
Shacharit 9.15am
Yizkor 10.45am
Yom Tov ends 6.25pm
Chametz can be eaten after 7.30pm.

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