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Welcome to The North Shore Synagogue

The North Shore Synagogue (NSS) is a welcoming, all-inclusive Modern Orthodox community. Known as the Garden Synagogue" because of its beautiful surroundings, it was, in 1947, the first synagogue to be established on Sydney's North Shore. It still is an integral part of Sydney's Jewish community over 70 years later.

As well as its regular services, The North Shore Synagogue has Bar and Bat Mitzvah programs, regular functions and events to celebrate Jewish holidays and festivals, such as Purim parties, a Pre-Pesach Shabbat Dinner, a Shavuot Tikkun Leil, and much more.

Led by Rabbi Paul Lewin, Chazan Zvi Teichtahl and President Mironne Golan, the community is happy to welcome new families and guests to its congregation on the leafy suburb of Lindfield.

Vision Statement

We, the NSS exist to nurture and foster a modern orthodox Jewish environment  of warmth, care and inspiration for our community to enlarge and grow spiritually, intellectually and culturally.

Vision statement
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