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Chanukah 2023  -  In Their Light

 The "In Their Light" kit produced by the Jewish Agency spotlights eight inspiring stories of courage and heroism shown by men and women during the early events of 7th October, 2023  in the face of terrorism by Hamas. Sometimes their acts of bravery saw them being injured or losing their lives. The Jewish Agency's Fund for Victim's of Terror has been supporting breaved families and families of the injured since that accursed Shabbat morning. The sorrows and grief are unbearable but through the depths of such darkness, countless stories of valour shine. we are here to highlight some of them.

How can you use the kit?

Each night during the eight nights of Chanukah, you can choose one of these hero's stories to light up our world by dedicating your candle lighting to that person. The "In Their Light" kit, which you can download and print as a PDF, contains eight stories of courage as well as two empty cards so you can add your own heroes if you wish, such as the student who stood up to antisemitism at college or the retired teacher who came to Israel to help southern farmers. Stories of bravery are not limited to the local community, nor to Jews, and everyone is invited to choose their own heroes to think of, in addition to those we have included, when you light your Chanukah candles.

The Jewish Agency would appreciate it if, after lighting the candles and sharing the story of your chosen hero or heroes, you can share your photos with us (The Jewish Agency). Gather around your menorah, hold up the card with your hero’s story, and tag The Jewish Agency on your favorite social networks using the hashtag #InTheirLight. You can also tag The Jewish Agency’s page. 

Download In Their Light

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