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Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur choral presentation

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Chazzan Zvi sings the traditional melodies sung by generations around the Seder tables recorded live this month.

As a bonus we have uploaded a very special and beautiful version of Vehi She'amda which he recorded  for the 75th anniversary of The North Shore Synagogue, accompanied by piano and a string quartet.

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Tisha B'Av 2022
The Seder Songs Hallel | Passover Songs Hallel

The Seder Songs Hallel | Passover Songs Hallel

One of the Pesach Seder songs that we sing is Hallel. Hallel is a set of psalms recited and sung on Jewish festivals and Rosh Chodesh. The world Hallel means praise and Praise Hashem for His wonders including the Exodus from Egypt. On the Seder night, Hallel is one of the central songs of the night. In fact, Seder night is the only time that Hallel is sung at night. Hallel is performed by Chazzan Zvi Teichtahl and myself, filmed at the North Shore Synagogue in Sydney. This year the Synagogue celebrates its 80th year. A synagogue is known for its warmth, beautiful tunes and magnificent stain glass windows. #pesachsongs #sedersongs #passoversongs Sign up to get your free download of 20 questions and answers to ask at your Seder table and a Passover Checklist so you don't forget anything for your Seder - Sign up here If you liked the content of this video please subscribe and hit the bell notification button. Like, share and comment on the video. Follow me on social media Join the Facebook Group Instagram You are watching The Seder Songs Hallel at You may also be interested in: 10 Facts About Passover 10 Foods We Eat At The Seder Kaddish In Times Of Corona What To Do Shul Is Closed What To Do? 10 Facts about Pesach 10 Facts about Purim 10 Facts About Tu BiShvat Hanukkah 10 Facts About Hanukkah Inspired by these videos BimBam My Jewish Mommy Life
Order of the Seder
Ha Lachma Anya
Avadim Hayinu
Ma Nishtana
Viyhi She'amda
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