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Welcome to our
Jewish community

Shalom congregants

Join us for services

With Rabbi Lewin and Chazan Teichtahl

Shacharit services on Thursday at 6:40am.

Shabbat services are at 6:00pm on Friday night and Saturday morning from 9:15am


High Holiday Service Times

See Rabbi Lewin's weekly Drasha on YouTube, and join the series of shiurim on Zoom.

If you would like to join the Rabbi's Kollel on Whatsapp, please email the office:

Please follow the links in the Weekly Newsletter for information about other activities

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We have also established a support service to allow our Congregants to keep in touch
and seek support as required (see below)  - please contact us.


Keep up with us on with NSS Weekly News plus Facebook and Instagram.

Visit Rabbi Lewin's own website for his latest videos and messages

The North Shore Synagogue exists to nurture and foster a Modern Orthodox Jewish environment of warmth, care and inspiration for our community, to engage and grow spiritually, intellectually and culturally.

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